Notes of Thanks to Chimere from our Customers

Notes of Thanks to Chimere from our Customers

Hi Barbara,

I just got home and saw the closet floor. Gorgeous work! Thank you so much!!

MP 3/6/2013

Hi Laurie,

I wanted to let you know the carpet was installed by Juan and his crew yesterday, and it is stunning. Better than we imagined, and Juan was extremely professional and clearly knew what he was doing in all the challenging spots.
We couldn't be happier. Thanks for all of your help and patience. This was really worth the wait.

Have a great day,

DS 1/16/2013

Thanks for the invitation yesterday.

Very nice store!
GdeA 12/6/2012


Laurie -
Fantastic Crab Event last night! Mmmmm, love that crab. CH 12/6/2012


Hi Barbara,
Thanks for the great party last night! JH 12/6/2012


Hi Barbara + Laurie:
Thank you so much for the fabulous party.
It was a joy to meet so many of your guests and as always the goodies were fabulous.
I think I rode home on top of a massive sugar rush ; ).

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for a great party. Your friends cheesecake is to die for.
I know you made the right business decision, but my heart is sad because I am really going to miss all of you. I consider it a blessing to know such wonderful people as yourself.

BH 12/6/2012

Laurie -

Fantastic Crab Event last night! Mmmmm, love that crab. CH 12/6/2012
Dear Barbara, Laurie, Jamie, John, Ken, Danny, and Robert,

We want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality at your annual Crab feed! Ken and I enjoyed the delicious goodies and meeting your lovely friends and clients. Thanks for inviting us!
Susan Lee and Ken Bray


The stairs look great. Please thank your team for a job well done. PM 9/24/2012


Dear John,
I didn't realize how much you guys can do. And, how good you are at doing it.

I know I've been shopping in your showroom for awhile, but until this project, I truly didn't realize just how much you do for my clients and my design firm. The amount of detail to your work and the checks and balance you have in place allowed my attention on this project to focus on other needed services. All the while knowing you had the flooring covered! Pun intended :)

Thank you for handling my account and I look forward to working with you again.
AT 8/20/2012

Dear Laurie,
My client loved the area rug you did for her. Thank you for a great job. VP 7/9/2012

Dear John,

Thank you so much for facilitating the installation of all the carpets for our new house.

We are thrilled with the transformation the carpet has made! The house felt hard, cold, and echoed. When I came home, it was warmer, quiet, and our furniture looked right. It feels wonderful underfoot and barefoot.

The skill and finesse of your installers amazes me! The edges are flawless, which is difficult, as it is loose laid over tile. The treatment at the edges of the tile is perfect, and I am not stubbing my toes on it anymore.

I also appreciate you and Barbara doing all you could to make this affordable for us. We are grateful that you still service our carpet needs, though ours is such a small account. Through all the many years, we know we can always count on Chimere to do the best, quickest, most affordable job possible.

I am happy for you to use any of this email as a testimonial, or put on Yelp, though I'm sure you have many praises from which to choose!

Thank you again!
Virginia Jenny 3/19/2012

Hi Jamie,

Amazing work from the two on my sisal stairs. Thank you.
MEP 7/10/2012

Hello Ben and Thanks for the positive feedback.

I look forward to working with you folks again when the opportunity arises.

Please keep me in mind when a requirement presents itself for my services on any of your projects as well.

Thanks again,
J 2/20/2012

Hi Ben,

Thank you for providing us with a great product and service! I did take a look at the finished installation last week and it looks wonderful. I'm sure Carol told you how happy she is : )

I'll look forward to working with you again.

DS 3/7/2012


TERRIFIC! Just Terrific! Love my new floors. Thank you Chimere.

The Crab Feast was amazing, again. Another huge hit. Thank you for making my husband welcome. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Chimere-ites! 12/2011

Laurie, I wanted to thank you for how professionally Chimere handled my clients Residence install. On time, efficient, and did a beautiful installation job. So much so, the homeowner wants us to provide an area rug for the master bedroom.

Thank you,
TC 1/26/2012

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to the staff at the San Carlos store for service with a smile, and even 3 days before Christmas, done in a day! My job was small, but you treated it as if it were going to make you all rich. I will certainly return to your store when I need carpets/flooring in the future, and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs the same.
Happy holidays to all of you!
And, again, thank you.
GH 12/22/2011

Working with everyone at Chimere was wonderful.
CC 12/2011

I just returned from vacation and came home to a stunningly beautiful master bedroom! The circle carpet came out better than I hoped for. The installation job is amazing. Your guys worked magic! AW 8/3/2011

OMG - those two delivery guys are amazing! Professional, nice, and always smiling. Do they know their job or what.

Hi Ben,

You're welcome. I really appreciate your ability to respond quickly and keep the pricing reasonable for our client.
We get requests from other agents frequently for supplier and contractor referrals. I will spread the word.

RZ 3/18/2011

I was saying that the carpet is fantastic and totally makes the room. Further, the young men who delivered it were so nice, so professional and polite. They would not let me move the furniture. They were a delight.

Pleased from Pleasanton 2/4/2011

Dear Laurie,

JH 12/21/2010

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow. Our new hardwood floors are fantastic. Bill and I are so pleased. Laurie, your knowledge made it all work. Thank You Very Much - 10/2010

THANK YOU for everything. Our installation is better than great. The job is good, the installers are good. We love it. Thank you.

KH 12/18/2010

Dear Barbara,

The rug looks lovely. I was worried about a dramatic difference between the hardwood floors, of which I had become very fond, and the rug itself. No need for that worry; the rug is warm and quite pretty in its own right. The pattern of the field is just what we hoped for, and the 6" border is perfect in scale and material. I'm very pleased with it all, and very glad it's finally in place. Thank you for your (and Laurie's) help in finding the perfect pattern among the thousands of samples. I believe the border was your idea, and that worked out even better than just a plain field. Nice how sometimes a problem (needing >12' dimension) is resolved for an even better result. The craftsmanship is very impressive, and the delivery was on time and very smooth. Please thank everyone for me.



Thank you for all your hard work.

C and S 5/1/2010

Laurie, please thank your installer for me! When we pulled the old carpet, he not only fixed the nails around the edges, he also made the new carpet look good at the tile edges. Your charges for handling this are very fair. Looking forward to doing our bedroom next.
RD 12/1/2010

Dear Barbara: My Realtor said it would only take a couple of calls to you and you would have my home staged with carpet and ready to sell. He was so right.

After two months on the market, it sold in 3 days after you finished the floors. Your advise allowed us to get more than the asking price. Mike and I can't thank you enough. - MH 11/2010

Superb, couldn't be happier with my repair. Thank you so much. BD 1/27/2010


Dear Barbara:
The area rug looks terrific installed and the clients love it. The hand quality is perfect with their furnishings. Thank you so much. ND 1/27/2010

Dear Barbara,
You should see my new carpet; it is drop-dead gorgeous!!! Thanks, SN

Yes! Out with the old, in with the beautiful new! Juan said he thinks this new carpet's color (which is a great match to the old) is even a richer green. I agree -- it's the same green but somehow deeper, richer. Please let the mill know they are doing great! As are your installers! And you! Can't wait to get those two back bedrooms organized and painted in prep for the remaining facelift. Then we move to the upstairs re-freshening since the downstairs will be all new & fresh model - Sherri 3/20/2010

Hi Laurie,
Thank you. My carpet is perfect! You are the best. MC 2/22/2010

Dear Barbara,
What wonderful people to have in my home. We just love our new rugs and the pad feels just terrific. I don't think I'll ever do so much myself next time and just have you handle everything. - BB 2/23/2010

I don't think we ever properly thanked you for all of your assistance. The whole process has been very streamlined and enjoyable with Chimere. We stopped by our house today to check on the installation, and all looks good. We appreciate the personalized care.

Best regards,
BG, MG, JG, and JG

Dear Barbara:
The area rug looks terrific installed and the clients love it. The hand quality is perfect with their furnishings.
Thank you so much. ND 1/27/2010

Yes - thanks - rug looks good. And thanks for removing and disposing our old rug. 10/1/2009


Hi Barbara,
Martin was here, and I just want you to know that he addressed all of my concerns, and everything is great. Thank you again for the wonderful service.
LS 1/23/2009

It is a must to say thank you for the service you recently provided that was above and beyond. My client changed his mind smack in the middle of the installation. My client wanted what he wanted. You were quick on your feet, adapted, and provided a timely solution to fit my customers desire - and made it look easy. He just loves his new floors. See you on my next project. All the best.

Thank you very much, Barbara! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you, as always, for all your help. I am so glad we "found" you again since our previous carpet install--that beautiful green downstairs that we still love after 15 years.




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