Carpet Finishing Workroom-
The Peninsula's only Carpet Finishing Workroom
utilizing computerized cutting technology
for customized area rugs.

The pride continues to fly high!
Chimere has been fabricating our flag for over 22 years.

Happenings in the Master Bedroom
Basketweave, carved, and installed.
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Serving a mixture of color, design, then installing.

One Street Hot Rug under One Street Hot Rod.

Angels are always underfoot.
Made with Love for Gladys.

This Master Bedroom Suite is truly Sweet.

Four views to appreciate

Intriguing blend of color, style, and design.

Truly, Beastly Beautiful.

Magical combination of vines and flowers.

Colors and Carving add dimention to this rug.

Perfect display of squares trimmed with touches of boldness.

Lines are in the eyes of the beholder.

Abstracts flow perfectly.

Dramatically Dreamy!

The perfect entwined ribbon.

Simply Elegant!




Personality, Painting, and Patience created this beauty.

A beautiful painting is the inpiration for this Area Rug.